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We believe that every child should have a balanced life style that incorporates outdoor learning opportunities and exploration.​ On a daily basis your child can expect to play in our outdoor funnel garden and with some rooms having free access to this throughout the day time, allowing children to lead their own learning in their preferred environment, supporting a child-lead approach.​ Our outside area is filled construction areas, physical push bikes and cars, sand and water areas and free access to garden trunks, filled with toys the children can self select and explore.

We are also able to indulge our children in various open green land spaces and parks (within 10 minute walking distance). At the parks we allow out children to breath in the great outdoors, filling their lungs and boots with running and cruising around nature! We attend teddy bears picnics in the park, singing song time, investigating insect lives and the flowers, plants and trees we can see. We also test our physical abilities and help the childrens coordination skills and social fun and learning in our park, equipped with education physical toys such as swings and slides. Our children get to experience all weathers as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage learning and navigate their way around our community.


At Bliss, we understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet. We are able to cater for a variety of dietary needs, from allergies to preferences. Our aim is to provide a healthy and nutritious diet for our children.

Our experienced nursery chef creates a delicious menu, which included your children enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables daily, and we do not add salt or sugar to any of our meals. All meals are freshly cooked and made on the day in our exclusive kitchen. Our menus offer children a wide variety of meals that offers seasonal choices and diversity. We have a 3 week rolling menu that include choices from parents, carers and our children.

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