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What is tapestry and how you can get involved

Tapestry is an online learning journey that allows us to record children’s interests, developments and achievements. Each child has their own account where we upload photos, videos and observations. We then link their observation to the EYFS and the stage of development. Parents are then sent an email automatically to inform you that an observation has been completed. This is a great system that allows parents and practitioners to work in partnership and keep up to date on children’s interests and development. We ask parents to take part in our observations, by uploading a photo and sentence of your child’s interests and experiences with you; it may be linked to a holiday they just went on, learning to put their coat on, or the first time on the slide at the park!

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


is our statutory framework in which we follow. The framework looks at seven areas in which children learn. We use these seven areas to plan, observe and support children’s development. There are 3 Prime areas: Personal, social and emotional development, Physical development and Communication and language. The 4 specific areas: Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Children thrive from a base of loving and secure relationships.  


A key person is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a small group of children who helps those children in the group feel safe and cared for. The key person responds sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviours and meeting emotional needs by giving reassurance, such as when they are new to a setting or room, and supporting the child’s well-being.

Attachments are the emotional bonds that young children develop with parents and other carers such as their key person. Within our nursery we believe that all staff should have strong relationships with all the children, within the room we all help the children settle and build strong relationships with them. 

Extensive list of policies and procedures are avaialble on request 

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