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Babies to Toddlers

We offer an abundance of opportunities for the children to explore through a wide range of experiences with plenty of adult support as they grow in their first years of life. They are given every chance to thrive, at a level and pace suited to their needs.

Our baby room is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of your child. We understand the importance of the well-being of the children, which is why we work with parents to follow the routine that best meets the needs of the child.


Within this room, we also have our own dedicated sleep area, fully equipped with monitors and cameras. Babies have access to lots of messy and sensory play, allowing them to learn through exploration and activate their senses.

At Bliss, we give all children the opportunities to explore, climb and discover their surroundings. We ensure that children are able to make their own decisions allowing them better knowledge to develop their problem-solving skills.


They have a large play area where children have opportunities to explore with painting, sand, water, sticking and play-dough. As the children’s concentration, interests and imagination develops, singing, story time, music and role play form a large part of their day.


Toddlers to Preschool

Our toddlers, once out of the baby room, are given more chances of independence as they reach new milestones and hit big steps. They are encouraged to serve their own meals, pour their own drinks, drink from open top cups, as well as putting their own cups and bowls away. they have free access to all the drawers throughout the rooms, allowing them some flexibility and child led investigating.


We want our children to have the best possible learning experience which is why Bliss has gone above and beyond childcare and prides itself in providing the ultimate nursery school preparation experience. The children are given daily opportunities to make decisions about how they want to learn and what they want to learn about.


We follow their individual interests and use that to base the learning environment. One of our main priorities is to ensure that the children are school ready. We do this in a variety of ways such as pencil control, learning phonics, developing social and life skills and looking at literacy and mathematics. Nursery education is provided and the practitioners plan educational programs which include activities that encourage all children to become active, inquisitive and independent learners and reflect the children at the time. During the preschool phase, children are encouraged to develop skills prepare them well for their transition to school.

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